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I can’t believe it is already Thursday!

This week’s Take It and Run Thursday is sponsored by JillWillRun from the blog Jill Will Run.  Her question this week is:

It’s the morning of your weekly long run… what do you eat and why?

Hmm… Interesting question actually. I am probably not the best role model on this one, but I will give it a shot!

I actually very rarely eat before I run. Anything 16 miles and under, I roll out on an empty stomach and will usually just take a Clif shot at mile 10 or 12 and I am good to go. If I am running a race or more than 16 miles, I will eat a banana with peanut butter and I am out the door. I will usually have some coffee as well!I am always eating something literally 5 minutes before I go to sleep. I like to eat a big bowl of cereal/granola. It helps me sleep like a baby and gives me energy to run in the morning.

Dinner is almost always some sort of pasta and lean protein such as chicken or fish. I like to stick to things that I am familiar with to keep my GI tract in working order. I once ate fried rice before a long run and I almost had to cut it short. Of course I didn’t (LOL) but it wasn’t pleasant. I sometimes get the runners trots if I eat something really fatty the night before (sorry if TMI).

This is just what I am used to and it works for me. If you are eating a balance diet and enough food, you shouldn’t need anything to get you through a normal run. A long run is a little different, but it is still the same concept. As long as I am eating well, I can pretty much do a long run whenever. I don’t really require any special fuel. Eat well to run well.


I am sorry about my lack of posting this week but I have been swamped. Running, class, and work are taking over my life. I will NOT give up the blog though. You guys will just have to bear with me during these busy periods. I am currently eating my dinner and watching some TV but I thought I would sneak a post in.

I have had some good runs this week, but my hip has been killing me from that damn fuel belt on Sunday. I tied it too tight and I have a large bruise on the back of my hip and on the top of my ass. It does not feel good.

It is good that I am immune to pain. At least it hurts less to run than it does to walk around! It is just a pain because the bruise is right where my shorts come to my waist so it is always pressing on it. At least God invented ice!

Tuesday: 11 miles with 7 @ GMP (goal marathon pace).

Wednesday: 10 miles tempo (6:18 average) AM; 6 miles PM.

Thursday: 11 miles easy.

I think Wednesday will be my only double for the week along with a shorter long run this weekend. I am going to cut some miles to give my legs a break to recoup for one last push before my taper. It will be easier though because my dad is coming into town to hang out and I don’t want to waste our time together by running the whole weekend. My mom is going to be at a funeral (sad) and he doesn’t have much to do this weekend so I invited him out. He is coming in tomorrow night and leaving early Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully I can sneak in a post tomorrow or this weekend. I have some recipes I want to share!

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Quick Recovery

I think there is something wrong with me. My legs felt almost perfect the day after running 22 miles? I am trying to figure out if it was the ice bath or the Advil 🙂

Monday Run

Time: 1:21:12

Distance: 10.63 miles

Average Pace: 7:38 per mile

Not quite sure how I pulled that off but it really didn’t feel that hard. The first mile was dreadfully slow but I am always like that in the morning. After that, I was pretty much cruising.

Tuesday Run

Time: 1:26:00

Distance: 12 miles

Average Pace: 7:10 per mile

Those are estimates because my Garmin stopped for a little while during the run. I moved my wrist up and somehow it hit the stop button. I HATE when that happens. They need to put a damn lock on that thing.

I ran 6 miles at my tempo pace (averaging about 6:22) so that’s why my pace is so low. I felt epic this morning. Perfect weather as well… It was about 75 (a little hot) but it was cloudy and breezy so it really didn’t feel that hot. My tempo run was totally spontaneous and I was just feeling it after a few miles.

I also have an easy 6 miles planned tonight with some friends from work! I really really like my job. I am a “support staff” member at the Aquatics center. It is pretty boring, but it is easy and I really like the people that I work with. We have been having a blast the last few days. Today is my last day of training and I should get my schedule sometime this week.

I also start class tomorrow, which I am kind of excited about. It is something to keep me busy, but on the other hand it is class. Going to class sucks, but I love college. It is hard to explain, but I am not dreading it. It is always exciting to meet new people right?

I am off to get ready!

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