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I haven’t done Take It and Run Thursday in forever, so I thought I would join in this week!

This weeks theme…

To the Lounge, From Erin:

How do you decide how far/long to run when you aren’t following a predetermined training plan?  I have a few short races (5Ks and 8Ks) coming up but I’m not planning to follow a training plan for them.  I just finished my most recent half-marathon on July 19th and now I’m at a loss as what to do now in terms of distances, etc.  I almost always run with a training plan but I’m not sure if I should now or not.  Or, if I should be, what I should be looking for in one.

I’m lucky enough to live in area that has lots of options for running. I can run laps around my neighborhood for 5K distances. I can do out and backs through my town for runs between 3 and 6 miles. I can drive to the 7 mile-long bike path that starts a few miles from my house if I want to get in a long run with minimal stops. I can run along the lakefront path in downtown Chicago after work or at lunch for any distance I want. I can do speedwork on the track near my house. Or I can stick to the treadmill in my basement.

So, not only do I have the difficulty of choosing what distance to run, I have the challenge of deciding where to run. And, really, they’re all such great places, how would I ever decide?

Which leads me to what I want to know from you: How do you decide how far to run? Do you base it on a training plan? On the route? Or on something else entirely?

Interesting question… I actually had some time at the beginning of the summer to run without training for anything. I was sort of in transition before I started to ramp up for the Chicago Marathon (58 days!). I didn’t really back off on the mileage, but I did back off on the intensity. I pretty much dropped all speed work and cut my long run back by just going a few miles farther on the weekend. I am pretty much a mileage junkie so that just works for me. My body tolerates high mileage well as long as most of the miles are slow and easy. If you are running every run as fast as you can, you are going to get burned out and injured pretty quickly.

I actually don’t really follow a training plan at all. I have one for my marathon, but I am using it more as a guide for how to plan my runs. I am not going to be a slave to a plan because I am a flexible runner. As long as I am getting in my key workouts, I feel like I am pretty good at winging it. A training plan is not going to know how I am feeling that day. My legs could be shot, or they could be feeling great. I am all about listening to my body and planning runs that way.

As far as distances, I am pretty much the same way. If I am a little tired, I will cut back the distance and speed a bit. If I am feeling good, I will ramp things up.

Basically, I run pretty close to the same mileage will training and not training, but my training has speed work and long runs built in. Those are the workouts that are going to make you stronger, fitter, and faster. During my off periods, I am all about keeping a solid base to be ready to ramp things up at any time.


You guys are probably wondering what I have been up to this week! Basically just running and chilling. I am here at home until tomorrow when I head back to school to train for my job this weekend and I actually start class again next week. When does it end? I took class all summer!

Here is a little peak at my running this week…

Monday: 9.5 miles of crawling. I was pretty tired after my race!

Tuesday: 15 miles. Legs are starting to come around.

Wednesday: 16 miles @ 7:10 pace. I ran with a friend who runs XC at West Point. He is a beast. He gave me a hardcore whooping, but I am proud to say that I kept up and held my own.

Thursday: I decided to skip my tempo run this week and take a day off. My legs are pretty tired and I had a great run yesterday and plenty of speed on Sunday. I also had a massage last night so I am pretty sore.

I will run 20 miles one day this weekend because I skipped it last weekend for my race! I am pumped!

I would also like to share my new shoes! Nike Lunarglides!



I usually hate Nike shoes, but these are awesome. I need a lot of stability, and these deliver plenty of it in a light and comfortable shoe. I am not sure if I like them as much as my Adrenalines, but they are VERY comfortable. I doubt I will buy them again because I get 40% off Brooks shoes, but they are a nice treat. I will have to talk mom into buying me another pair…

How is everyone else doing?


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