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Summer Bath 15k Race Report

Pre Race

The race started at 7:30 AM, so I was up at 5 AM and out the door by 6 AM with my dad because we had about a 45 minute drive to White Rock lake. I had my usually coffee + PB and banana for a pre race snack. My stomach is usually a little off before a race, but this combo usually settles nicely. My legs were feeling alright, but not great. I had already run 73 miles this week, but we all know I love the high mileage. I live for it actually.

We got the race site around 6:45 so we had time to register, hit the bathroom, and jog a quick lap to get warmed up. I only jogged for a few minutes to save me legs for the race. We started lining up around 7:25 for the 7:30 start time. I lined up near the front so I could get out quick. I hate getting stuck in traffic!


The gun went off pretty much right on time. It wasn’t actually a gun, but it was some guy yelling “go”. I took off pretty quick and hit the first mile in 6:11. Way too fast for the heat I was dealing with. It was already about 85 degrees and pretty sunny. I knew I was in for a long day at that point.

I started to race some guy in the first mile and we were duking it out. It turns out he was running the 5k and someone directed me the wrong way. The 15k turns off at 2/3 of a mile… I ended up getting all the way to the 5k turn around before I realized I was on the wrong course. I was pretty pissed and I had to double back about a mile to get to the actual 15k course. I sort of cut in and went up a hill to get back on course. I lost about a mile in the mean time.

I was pretty far behind for most of the race because of my little detour. No problem though because a little extra mileage isn’t going to kill me, but the only problem was that I didn’t really have a chance of winning. I was a little discouraged, but the race wasn’t really all that important in terms of placing. As long as I did the best I could, that is all that matters right? I spent the rest of the race passing people and trying to catch up as much as I could. I started to run out of gas around mile 9. It was just so hot and water stations were few and far between.

Here are my splits according to Garmin… I ran a nice 10.21 instead of 9.3.


According to Garmin, my 15k time was 1:00:14, which would have gotten second place. The first place guy ran it in about 50 minutes which is INSANE. It was a 5:25 pace!

I am really glad that I got the chance to run this race. It is really hard to find races down here over the summer, but luckily I found this one. It proved to me that my marathon training is going well and I will be ready to kick some ass on October 11. If I can run a 6:30 pace in these conditions, hopefully Chicago will be cake. We will have to wait and see.


That is me coming into the finish line!

Post Race

I was pretty much shot after the race. It was HOT. I felt dehydrated and a bit sick to my stomach, but I always have room for a post race pancake breakfast. I hit up the Dream Cafe with my dad for a little celebration. He ran the 5k and did really well. I was so proud of him for waking up early to do the race. Baby steps right? I bet that he will be racing more in the future. It was also nice to have him out there for support. Where would we be without family? I can’t wait for them to be at the finish line at the Chicago Marathon!

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