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Time: 2:54:49

Distance: 21.19 miles

Average Pace: 8:15 per mile

There are four words to describe this torture fest: The Run From Hell.

Everything started out fine this morning. I woke up easily, drank some coffee and had my usual banana with peanut butter, and was out the door by 6:15. I also checked the weather and it looked fine. Cloudy, 68 degrees, 80% humidity. I have done a long run in much worse.

The first 5 or so miles were great, but then the rain came. It was honestly the worst rain I have ever ran through. It was bordering on miserable. At first I thought it would be ok; it would be one of those quick downpours and it would be sunny again in 10 minutes. WRONG. It rained like this for the next 10 miles and I actually thought about calling it a day around 10 miles. Being the man and idiot that I am, I sucked it up and finished. I actually had a UA policeman pull up to me at mile 7 and asked me if I needed a ride. I told him that I still had another 13 miles and he looked at me like I was from Mars.

I didn’t really mind the rain; it actually felt kind of good. The worst part was that my feet were completely soaked. I could feel the water in my shoes and socks for the next 15 miles. It actually made my shoes feel heavy and I felt like a slug! I also had to listen to my shoes squish and squash which drove me insane. I haven’t been running with my iPod lately so I didn’t really have a choice.

I am done complaining now. Other than the rain, the last few miles weren’t that bad. Once I got it in my head that I was going to finish the run no matter what, I kind of enjoyed myself. I got that point around mile 12 and I knew the finish was in sight. I honestly just wanted to get this long run over with so I didn’t have to worry about getting it in tomorrow.

Mission accomplished and another long run is in the books. One more 20 miler left until Chicago!

Guess what is going down tonight?



Instead of going to a BBQ tonight, I am working a game watching party at the pool. Someone rented out the building and my boss needs people to help out and supervise the party. I am getting overtime pay, free food and beer, and some of my buddies from work are working as well. I also get to watch the game. The job is going to be pretty easy; we are basically there just to make sure the guests don’t mess anything up, clean up, and lock the building. Easiest money I will ever make.

I better get going!


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I hit 100 miles for the week!

Let’s start from the beginning. It is not every weekend that I run 38 miles and live to tell the tale.


Time: 2:21:00 (estimate)

Distance: 18 miles (estimate)

Average Pace: 7:50 (estimate)

This run had disaster written all over it. I woke up to a dead Garmin. The thing started beeping during the middle of the night so I got up and took it off the charger. It was dead when I woke up. I have been having a ton of problems with it and I think there is something wrong with either the charger or the battery. I actually drove to Best Buy yesterday and they are exchanging it for a free one this week. Thank God my mom bought the service plan. The store was out so they are getting another one from a different store this week. Hopefully this one will last the week!

Back to the run. This was suppose to be a 15 mile run with Kelsey (her longest yet). Everything started fine. I had a 15 mile route in my head and my stopwatch, but I am not exactly the best pacer. It was about 60 degrees and we were cruising.

We were doing great until about mile 12 when we were going to take the road back. It turns out there was a triathlon going on here in town and the road was closed. The policeman wouldn’t let us through and we were forced to double back for three miles and take a different route. I felt really bad for her because she already looked pretty beat up. We were pacing much faster than she is used to (my fault) and we still had a ways to go. I offered to run back and get the car but she wanted to stick it out. I am so proud of her for sticking it out. It would have been so easy to call it quits and walk but we made it.

All of those times are estimates. It was a confusing run, with a confusing route, and no Garmin.


Time: 2:33:49

Distance: 20.02 miles

Average Pace: 7:41 per mile

Oh wow what a run. Perfect weather and all of the motivation in the world. That is all I needed!

Luckily I got my Garmin to charge last night. I figured out that when the metal connectors are wet it will make a charging connection. Sounds weird but it worked. Maybe that is helping to conduct electricity?

I started out at about an 8:00 mile, but once I got to 10 I dropped it to around 7:45 and once I got to 15 I dropped it to around 7:30. I am trying to work on starting out conservatively and running negative splits. The marathon is starting to get close and running like this is really helping to build my confidence. Running a marathon is more about heart than it is legs in my opinion. Right now I just need to work on building my confidence. The fitness is there, but sometimes I second guess my abilities. That is a big no no.

The run was pretty standard and nothing really sticks out in my head. I didn’t hurt myself, I didn’t get lost, and I pretty much just cruised to some good music. There were a lot of runners out today; it is nice to see people out there enjoying the morning. I slept in a little and actually didn’t leave until around 6:30. I usually leave for my long runs at about 5:30 to beat the heat but it has been really nice this weekend. It was 61 degrees when I left. PERFECT. If it is like this in Chicago I will be dangerous and I could really do some damage.

Here is my weekly run down!

Monday: 10.63 miles

Tuesday: 12.03 miles AM; 6.2 miles PM

Wednesday: 10.5 miles AM; 5.11 miles PM

Thursday: 10.2 miles

Friday: 11 miles

Saturday: 18 miles

Sunday: 20.02 miles

Total: 103.69

I would be lying if I said that was easy! It really doesn’t seem like all that much once I look back on it. My PM runs were really really slow and I was running with some friends from work.

This will probably be my peak mileage. I don’t really see myself running more than this or actually wanting to run more than this. I won’t have enough money to feed myself!

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Longest Run Yet!

Today was officially the longest run I have ever completed. Here are the stats…

Time: 2:53:48

Distance: 21.68 miles

Average Pace: 8:01 per mile

Highlights: This honestly might have been the best long run I have ever had. I felt well rested, motivated, nervous, and excited all at the same time. I am always a little nervous before my long runs, but it is sort of a nervous/excited feeling. It is hard to explain.

I ran my run with negative splits, meaning that I ran the second half faster than the first half. I am trying to get in the habit of this to conserve energy for the later stages. The first 10 miles were around an 8:10-8:15 pace while the second half was under 8:00. I felt strong and relaxed pretty much the whole time.

The hardest part was dealing with the heat. I felt pretty crappy around mile 18, but I toughed it out and actually finished pretty strong. I think I was just dehydrated; even though I was sucking down water, I still don’t think I took in enough fluids. It is really hard to carry enough water on these longer runs. At least there will be water stops at the marathon.

After I coasted in, I took an ice bath while drinking my recovery smoothie. My last ice bath was hell, but I think I am finally starting to get used to it. It actually felt GOOD after running for 3 hours in that heat. Let’s look on the bright side, if it is hot in Chicago, I will have an advantage over most of the competitors. I was talking to my dad and he said it could be anywhere from 40-80 degrees in October. The weather is really weird that during that time of year. He would know best after living there for 40 years!

I am off to relax this afternoon. I have my first session of training for my job tonight from 5-10. I am looking forward to start making some money and meeting my coworkers. At least there will be free Mellow Mushroom!

I will be posting a weekly run down either today or tomorrow. My running log is a few weeks behind because I was out of town and busy. Hopefully I can get it updated soon.

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