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I Moved!

I have a new site…

The Kitchen of a Runner

Please update your blog rolls and Google Reader!

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I can’t believe it is already Thursday!

This week’s Take It and Run Thursday is sponsored by JillWillRun from the blog Jill Will Run.  Her question this week is:

It’s the morning of your weekly long run… what do you eat and why?

Hmm… Interesting question actually. I am probably not the best role model on this one, but I will give it a shot!

I actually very rarely eat before I run. Anything 16 miles and under, I roll out on an empty stomach and will usually just take a Clif shot at mile 10 or 12 and I am good to go. If I am running a race or more than 16 miles, I will eat a banana with peanut butter and I am out the door. I will usually have some coffee as well!I am always eating something literally 5 minutes before I go to sleep. I like to eat a big bowl of cereal/granola. It helps me sleep like a baby and gives me energy to run in the morning.

Dinner is almost always some sort of pasta and lean protein such as chicken or fish. I like to stick to things that I am familiar with to keep my GI tract in working order. I once ate fried rice before a long run and I almost had to cut it short. Of course I didn’t (LOL) but it wasn’t pleasant. I sometimes get the runners trots if I eat something really fatty the night before (sorry if TMI).

This is just what I am used to and it works for me. If you are eating a balance diet and enough food, you shouldn’t need anything to get you through a normal run. A long run is a little different, but it is still the same concept. As long as I am eating well, I can pretty much do a long run whenever. I don’t really require any special fuel. Eat well to run well.


I am sorry about my lack of posting this week but I have been swamped. Running, class, and work are taking over my life. I will NOT give up the blog though. You guys will just have to bear with me during these busy periods. I am currently eating my dinner and watching some TV but I thought I would sneak a post in.

I have had some good runs this week, but my hip has been killing me from that damn fuel belt on Sunday. I tied it too tight and I have a large bruise on the back of my hip and on the top of my ass. It does not feel good.

It is good that I am immune to pain. At least it hurts less to run than it does to walk around! It is just a pain because the bruise is right where my shorts come to my waist so it is always pressing on it. At least God invented ice!

Tuesday: 11 miles with 7 @ GMP (goal marathon pace).

Wednesday: 10 miles tempo (6:18 average) AM; 6 miles PM.

Thursday: 11 miles easy.

I think Wednesday will be my only double for the week along with a shorter long run this weekend. I am going to cut some miles to give my legs a break to recoup for one last push before my taper. It will be easier though because my dad is coming into town to hang out and I don’t want to waste our time together by running the whole weekend. My mom is going to be at a funeral (sad) and he doesn’t have much to do this weekend so I invited him out. He is coming in tomorrow night and leaving early Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully I can sneak in a post tomorrow or this weekend. I have some recipes I want to share!

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New Blog!

Hello Friends! I have decided to start a new blog, but with a different focus. My old blog Run, Live, and Enjoy was great, but I got really burned out with the repetitiveness and negativity that I was receiving on a day to day basis. What is the point of that? Instead of updating everyday, this blog is going to be updated once a week or maybe a few times a week to keep things new and interesting.

This blog is going to be a lot different than my old one. Instead of including every single run, I will focus on the highlights while including tips for running, health, recipes, and so on. This blog will focus on my two favorite hobbies: RUNNING AND COOKING! Most of you guys know me as a runner, but these past few months have been just as much of a delight in the kitchen as out on the roads. I have found a new hobby that I really want to explore and share with the world.

I can’t wait to get started! What do you guys think?

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